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Later Germanic Heavy Cavalry - PACK BREAKER - VGBGi02


In a nutshell, the Lukio cavalry are large and they are splendid. The horses are just a touch larger than other manufacturers, the men are consistent with contemporary 'large' 15-18 mm figures. The sculpting is crisp, deep and consistent, and the alloy is on the hard side. These will really reward a wash style of painting. I do think these will require some experience in modelling due to the split waist design. Putty, some rudimentary sculpting tool, and a touch of creativity will result in unique, striking diorama type units. I would not recommend these for beginning modellers, but if you are an experienced modeller and that is an aspect of the hobby which is important to you, YOU WILL BE IN NIRVANA WITH THESE FIGURES!

These figures are described as Goths, and indeed many of the riders have the distinctive 'jackboots' attributed to the Goths. That said, I think these minis would look just fine in any Migration Period army, or indeed any European Dark Age army up until the advent of kite shield and nasal helms.

Beautiful minis, and a very satisfied customer here.

Kudos to Lurkio!
Date Added: 08/18/2011 by William Jones
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