Lurkio Ready Painted Armies

Ready Painted LURKIO figures

Lurkio figures can be supplied ready painted so you can get them straight onto the tabletop.

Indeed this was new owner’s Simon Halls first experience of Lurkio when buying his Sassanid army for Britcon 2018.

We have two standards we work to:

WARGAMES STANDARD Effective painting brought to life with our basing method. Horse with blazes and mains etc. Limited shading effects. Perfect for any wargames army.

DISPLAY STANDARD Multicolour shading on all main areas. Facial features brought to life with shading and eye sockets. Added detailing. Black fine lining to bring out details. Washes as requested. Again brought to life with our earth, rock and grass basing system. Colored base means even they chip the earth color stays.

2 to base at WARGAMES STANDARD. 3 to base are much DISPLAY STANDARD

Prices depend on complexity and whether based or not.

Contact me at and we can sort an order out for you.

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