DBA and Small Pack orders.

You may order any of the 15mm Ranges in single figure and up quantities.

Simply email richard_b@lurkio.co.uk or send a Facebook messenger request through the Lurkio Miniatures Facebook site. Provide a list with which part codes you want and in what quantity.

All orders will be charged at £0.70 per foot figure and £1.40 per mounted. There is a 5p surcharge per figure for the ECW/TYW range. All shipping will be insured via DPD for UK orders and DHL worldwide.

Once a list has been sent, you will receive a proforma PayPal invoice. simply pay the electronic invoice and your goods will be cast and sent out as soon as possible.

Customers wanting special orders, such as only figures of certain poses or equipment etc, may also order in this way.

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