9YWA02 - FoG:R Anglo Dutch Starter Army


I ordered the Anglo-Dutch starter army and it arrived in the post today.

I've checked through and everything looks in order.

The packaging was lovely and robust and the figures are brilliant. I am really impressed with the detail on these little chaps.

I must say that I am quite daunted at the task ahead of me now! I used to paint and game with Games Workshop figures about 20 years ago and I've painted up a few 1/72 plastics also, but nothing recently.

I've only just decided to get back into wargaming after a long gap, yes, I
am that rare create, a female wargamer, and the period interests me a lot,
as a transitional one between the 30 Years' War and the more formal armies
of the 18th century.

I've been mugging up on painting techniques and I've been reading the FOG:R
rules and the Duty and Glory book. I can see some busy evenings ahead for
the next few months!
Date Added: 04/04/2014 by Carole Flint
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