VGE07 - Hunnic Horse Archer single base


The Lurkio 15mm Huns are simply the best on the market. I had ordered three other makes, after a great deal of research, only to wish I hadn't when I found these. The others will be re-sold unpainted.
I wanted a 'Rolls-Royce' army of Huns (!), and these figures enable that, for these reasons: They allow more variation. They are highly animated, the split level waist allowing not only many combinations, but dramatic positioning. The metal quality seems to me better than most - despite freeing the horses legs of supports to the max, no breakages yet. The detail is superb for a painstaking paint job that is well rewarded by impact and realism. Ideal for 'diorama' style bases where the figures interrelate.
I can go on - am a real fan. They have always arrived promptly and well packaged, the price is good, they come with nice bases, standards and other extras. Truly excellent!
Date Added: 05/26/2016 by Nigel Ellis
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