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VGBG05 - Shieldless Spearmen (special offer)

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Very impressed with these figures.Just finished painting 12 of them.Very well cast-good animation-look well as a Group.Look good painted because the figure casting is nicely detailed and therefore paints up well.Fits in with a number of other makes-I mingled these with some Magister Militum Goths-no problem.I like the separate shields-makes them easier to paint and because the casting is clean easy to attach the shields afterwards. Critiscism? None -except the range is limited at present.It would have been nice to have had a standard-Draco -bearer and perhaps another variety of pose.Am thinking of getting the archers and have just ordered some cavalry so more comments to follow...! Martin
Date Added: 02/09/2014 by Alexander Martin Groat
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