INA03- DBA v3 Inca Imperial Army 1438-1534AD


IV/81 Inca Imperial Army 1438-1534AD

Contains the following element packs -

x 1 General (Lit)
x 1 Halberdiers (3Bd)
x 1 Coastal Nobles (3Bd or 4Ax as requested)
x 1 Forest Archers (3Bw)
x 1 Collas bolas-men (Ps)
x 4 Regulars (4Ax)
x 3 Skirmishing slingers (Ps)
x 2 subject Quechua (3Ax)
x 2 Levies (5Hd)
x 2 Canari (3Pk)

All figures supplied at random where appropriate.

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