Shield Transfers for Lurkio

The Roman (Oval) and Goth (Round) shields were designed to fit LBMS shield transfers. Specifically -

Romans - LIRI(KSM) 1-9

Goths - GERM(KSM) 1

For the Romans the transfers from the LBMS Khurasan range fit, as do the small shield ones from the Legio Heroica range FWIW but they only comprise half a sheet.

For the Goths the LBMS Khurasan Viking and Saxon ones fit and the Khurasan Germanic ones fit those figures with slightly larger shields. Additionally the ones from the LBMS Essex Dark Ages fit as they are smaller than the shields (so you have more rim to paint after).

Sasanids and Huns - none. FWIW the shields on the Sasanid spearman figure paint up nicely without the need for transfers due to the modelling detail on them.

The VVV waterslide transfers will also fit from the Late Roman and Byzantine ones for the Roman figures and also (I think) the sheet of generic round shield designs will work for the Goths.

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