15mm Malayan Army

 15mm Malayan FoG:R (&AM) Army


Based on the following FoG:R 900 pts list. Equally at home in the earlier period (FoG:AM).list

An interesting army based on a core of hard charging warriors, with a sprinkling of elephants to keep the horse honest. Clouds of skirmishing bowmen to protect the main body of the army. Not forgetting some European infantry (Dutch East Indian Company ally), to provide the vital flank protection that army’s of this type always suffer from.

malay_1 malay_2 malay_3 malay_4 malay_5 malay_6 malay_7 malay_8 malay_9 malay_10 malay_11 malay_12 malay_13 malay_14 malay_15 malay_16


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