15mm Anglo Dutch #2

Army painted for commission

anglodutch1 anglodutch2 anglodutch3 anglodutch4 anglodutch5 anglodutch6 anglodutch7 anglodutch8 anglodutch9 anglodutch10 anglodutch11 anglodutch12 anglodutch13 anglodutch14 anglodutch15 anglodutch16

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Squarebashing 2019

Squarebashing 2019 is to be held on Saturday 15th June 2019,
at Battlefieldhobbies in Daventry.

The theme will be
1914: Coming of World War

Any army can be used, dated up to and including 1914, from any theatre.
Rather than dividing into two sides this year I thought it would do something a little different. All players will be in a single pool and the draw will be organised on other ’social’ factors such as army match-up, or ‘different opponents’. So everyone gets to play someone they don’t normally. Scoring will be simplified and will only account for a percentage of the total score. The other components will be a best army ballot and most sporting player. The details are yet to be finalised.

I’d like to to make this year more inclusive by trying to bring in more players where possible so even if its for a single game or tutorial game.
Buffet will be provided and all tickets are available from the Battlefield hobby site

Tickets: £12.50 including lunch

Date: Saturday 15th June 2019

Battlefield Hobbies
17 Brunel Close
NN11 8BR

Event Schedule
09.00-09.25 – Players arrive, welcome.
09:30-12.30 – Games One.
12.30-13:30 – Buffet lunch supplied.
13.30-16.30 – Game Two

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