15mm Early Zhou

List based on the following 900pt FoG army

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Lurkio DBA v3 Armies added to the website

I’ve added the following DBA v3 packs to the website

CHA03- DBA v3 Chimu Imperial Army 1350-1480AD
CHA04- DBA v3 Coastal Peruvian Army 1350-1490AD
EBA03 – DBA v3 Early Byzantine Army 493-544AD
EBA04 – DBA v3 Early Byzantine Army 545-578AD
HUA03 – DBA v3 Attila’s army 433-453AD
HUA04 – DBA v3 Other Hunnic Armies 374-558AD
INA03 – DBA v3 Inca Imperial Army 1438-1534AD
LMA01 – DBA v3 Later Moorish 25-696AD
MPA02- DBA v3 Other Mapuche 1461-1552AD
MPA03- DBA v3 Araucanians 1461-1552AD
SPA03 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 220-224AD
SPA04 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 225-493AD
SPA05 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 494-651AD
SRA02 – DBA v3 II/81a Sub Roman British
SRA03 – DBA v3 II/81b Sub Roman British
SRA04 – DBA v3 II/81c Sub Roman British
VGA05 – DBA v3 Italian Ostrogothic 493-561AD

please take a look if you interested

DBA v3 Armies link

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