10mm WW2 Russian Tanks

FOR SALE 10mm Russian Armour

Figures by Pendraken. All beautifully painted,weathered and based on 2mm plastic bases.

Figures costed at £4 per tank.

  • 6  T34/85
  • 12 T34/76
  • 3 KV1e
  • 18 T70

Price £150

If you are interested please email me at simon@lurkio.co.uk

2 thoughts on “10mm WW2 Russian Tanks

  1. Nice collection of miniatures. I’m just started this hobby, I build 1:200 scale.
    Will update my blog this weekend with some tanks that I’m building(3d printing and painting) in last couple of days/weeks.

    Greeting from The Netherlands. 😉

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