Ok, that’s the highlanders done

Well 240 of the fellas finished. Unfortunately, that’s not all.. I’ve still got the odds and ends to complete – cavalry and Irish etc. But, that is the back of it broken.
Some noblemen to finish …

The others will have to wait til I get home. I’ve actually finished a week early, and have run out if things to paint on holiday

Britcon Diary – day 2

A quick couple of hours this morning, before the tribe gets up

Step 4. A soupy brown wash. This went a bit wrong. Normally I would just use a commercial wash for brown (Devlan Mud – boo hoo) , of now the AP stong (acrylic wash) – hoorah. In this case I chose to make my own. With a brown paint + acrylic flow improver and water, to a milky consistancy. The heat or somehting caused this to react badly and some dried with a bit of a white ‘tide mark’, so some remedial action required there. Lesson for today – “don’t be a cheapstake”


So, down to the painting. Not much to say here, but there is a certain amount of experimentation on what I do , and what I leave out. I set myself a limit of how long each strip will take. In this case – as there is more ‘painting’ , less ‘technique’ I’ve given myself 45 mins per strip of 8. So I want to be getting each session of 2 hours about 2-3 strips. That will give me a 14 day completion time. However, painting plaid isn’t a quick job. So, I’m experimenting with some ‘suggestion’ techniques.

Here are some test strips

britcon6 britcon7 britcon8

One good thing , is that because there are 32 different casting , I can afford to paint each batch of 8 figures identically, and still have 32 individual figures per BG. Thats good. If i have to vary painting by strip – that might be a deal breaker for the 2 week challenge

Britcon diary – day 1 …

So, we are again , another year older! Britcon is earlier this year by a week, so I feel a bit under pressure. Just 4 weeks to showdown for the new project

Where hae ye been sae braw, lad?

Whare hae ye been sae brankie, O?

Whare hae ye been sae braw, lad?

Cam ye by Killiecrankie, O?

Good job that the figures arrived yesterday! This is more than an army worth I hasten to add!


So step 1  – arrange into like figure groups.


Step 2  – glue each type onto a large lolly stick (bring forth the hot glue gun)


Step 3 – spray predominate colour …  brown.

Claverhouse’s army would havee been a dun coloured mass of ordinary clansmen…


A quick recommenation of the PSC spray primers. First time I’ve used it. Very good. Light spray (I find AP primers heavy handed), with good coverage. Drying to good matt finish

A quick close up of the early castings – 1st gen moulds, nice!