15mm Nubians vs Neo Assyrians

So for the inaugural battle the Nubians faced Neo Assyrians, so slightly anachronistic… but typical of a battle that you might face in a ‘biblical’ themed period. In fact Neo Assyrian is the Rolls Royce of that period. It has the best infantry of the period. A goodly proportion being ‘heavy’ foot, some armoured , most ‘drilled’… so a good ,but tough, match for the Nubian.


The Assyrians – were

FC & 3 TCS
2 x 4 Superior Heavy chariots
2 x 4 Superior Heavy Cavalry (Armoured Bow *, sword)
2 x 8 Average Protected ( ½ Sword, ½ bow)
1 x 8 Average Armoured ( ½ Sword, ½ bow)
1 x 9 Superior Armoured ( 2/3 Sword, 1/3 LF bow)
1 x 6 Average LF Bow
1 x 6 Poor LF sling

So only 10 BGs but all tough. The PBI was 2 vs 1 in favour of the Nubians , who given the terrain available surrendered the initiative in order to get the first move. The terrain ended being quite heavy, but the majority if it being open fields, so would have negligible effect


The Assyrian plan was pretty simple , have a ‘hard’ centre and delay on the wings. The Nubian have the opposite – harass the wings while delaying the centre. I think the Assyrians made their first mistake here but deploying a little too wide (there is a propensity to try and match your opponents width), with the cavalry and chariots a little isolated. While being miles better than their opposition, they would face a storm of LF shooting and being in 4’s and with no general around it would tell ( I hoped). In the Nubian centre I massed all the MF bow. The plan being to offer some bait to tempt the enemy in. Perhaps it’s a lot of bait , 5 BGs of unprotected bow, but I think you’ve got to take a risk to get your opponent to commit. Hopefully during this you can ‘tease’ the line apart, where numbers will tell.

In the first phase of the game, things all when pretty much to plan. On the left wing 1 solitary BG of chariots faced 2 x 6 LF bow. Typically a long range shoot out, to prevent the chariots from returning fire. Even so at ling range with (1 per 3 shooting), it 4 dice @ 4’s – so you should get a test every turn.


On the right flank it was a similar scenario with the chariots being replaced by a Cavalry BG. The first couple of bounds were decisive. A bit of lucky shooting , combined with the ubiquitous 1 on the death roll meant the Chariots where shot down to 3 bases. That mean that 1 hit would cause a test , and with a base missing (25%) at a minus. So even with 2 hits , they would need a 9 to stay steady. That would not last…. And it didn’t the Chariots tried to force the situation by charging to clear out the way , but the writing was on the wall, even with a sub general in tow now. A couple of risky close range ‘massed’ shooting and then they were down to 2 bases, and it was only a matter of time.


On the right the cavalry was even more isolated and with no general close disrupted , and then started to struggle. I then turned my attention to the end of the line. A BG of 8 protected foot started to get harassing fire from first 2 then 3 BGs of LF bow. Even with 8 bases, being shot at by 6 – 8 dice per turn would result in tests most turns. Again , with no general I tow they had an lucky throw an soon became disrupted. One this happened, I closed in a ran the risk of getting caught, or shot back at, to increase the number of shooting dice. With 8 dice firing they soon had tests as -2 , and fragmented.


In the centre the armoured foot pressed on with a Chariots BG in tow. I decided to redeploy my warrior Nubians (Superior swords), facing Armoured heavy foot would be grim prospect.

On the right the cavalry broke.. one BG of LF was sent in the direction of the camp. The remainder to return to the centre. The fragmented BG also broke. On the left the Chariots broke. With the camp (in 3 turns), that would be 8 out of the 10 BGs required. At this point the Nubians hadn’t suffered any loss.


However, left of centre a BG of Chariots closed in against a BG of MF bow. They had shrugged off the incoming fire, and charged in good order. As ++POA with 6 dice , VS 9 dice (6 @–POA and 3 at 0 POA) it was inevitable. They disrupted and soon broke.


These chariots pursued on an caught some LF who despite evading got caught . So the Nubian lost 2 BGs in short order. The Chariot then clattered into a MF BG in a field (open). That was of little effect – however the MF lost a base. The chariots broke off in the subsequent JAP.


Further to the right , an armoured HVY foot had caught up with the Nubian Warriors. Impact ensued, the Assyrians won, but the Nubians held. The melee then settled down to ongoing 8 dice each , Nubians being at a – POA for worse armour. But re-rolling 1 & 2s (general in tow). The Assyrians also had a general , so would re-roll 1’s . It was slightly in the Assyrian favour, and with a couple of unlucky death rolls the Nubians were down to 7 then 6 dice. So it would be down to how long they would hang on.


The Assyrian guard, 9 Superior Hvy foot pressed on on their own , to try an reach the soft centre of the Nubian rear lines. Facing 2 MF (8s) bow and 2 LF Bow units they faced a withering amount of fire starting with 6 dice getting up to 9 and 10 as they closed. However, needing 5s and 5 hits for a -1 on the COH test, they shrugged it off! They charge home and then prompted lost the impact (at a +, 6 dice @ +POA v 9 dice at @ –POA). They disrupted. However , in the melee, having a sword and being 2 armour classes better meant that they would be on ++POA. Even with 8 dice @5 vs 4 dice at 3 (re-rolling 1’s) the Nubians lost and disrupted also.


At this point the time ran out (3.5 hrs). On the left I couldn’t quite press my advantage, and my centre was caving in. However, the guard infantry would be facing a flank charge. So, that would have probably done for me. But at this point 4 BGs of Nubians had been lost. The Assyrians has lost 8 out of 10 , and the Nubians 8 out of 16. So probably a 13 – 7 in favour of the Early Nubians. So all in all a good first outing. I don’t think I’d use this army in a competition , as it could come a real cropper. And to be honest in a ‘friendly’, it’s a bit wriggly and doesn’t really give a ‘straight up ‘ fight. But an interesting army with some challenges.

Rainy Sunday = HOTT

Well, with the rain and wind keeping everyone indoors, and a Sunday what better than a bit of HOTT …  Meerkats vs Woodland Folk

So without further ado, I’ll let Georgie tell you the story.

georgieANDloganWell,we were pretty bored so we played HOTT as Logan, my brother, suggested because I had just painted an army up. With Meercats vs Mythical Creatures or as my dad calls them Woodland Folk this idea was carried on.

So we tidied the table and carried our armies in from the shed. We put some felt table-cloths down and Dad found some terrain. We chose our army pieces,I had my hedgehog and elves and skeletons and wizards and pegesuses and my unicorns. My brother had Meercat archers, swordmans, spears annd two massive cobras!

 So far so good because Ihott1 had managed to sneak my wizards near my brother archerhott2s and keep my skeletons and elves in their lines. My leader was safe at the back along with my unicorns and hedgehog.I shot a spell at him and he fired his arrows at me. Luckily he missed. hott3





Here I was,  measuring my distance for my elves who moved two inches. My skeletons had gone in the marsh and I hadn’t moved my unicorns and leader and hedgehog at the back. I was scared to use my wizards because I had already scored a one. Great start! 

Logan decided to keep his leader where he was and move his Meercats all in a row except his archers who were hiding in the village which my wizards had found and shot at but moved back so they couldn’t shoot at me but I could shoot at them.

hott4  hott6 hott7 hott8Moving forward but Logan’s cheif snake following the fight with the other snakes going round the back towards my leader.I think I should move a foot to the other side.



Deep in battle are the elves and meercats. Snakes still following behind towards my leader and the battle still in place but with a clear victory! ME!















In the crisis as the hedgehog is coming to help but ends up in trouble. You’ll see, anyway the unicorns and skeleton bases were having a fight with the meercats.

SNAKES VS HEDGEHOG !!! Maybe if the hedgehog knew where to be in position then unicorns and skeletons wouldn’t be trapped. In the end, Logan was the closest to winning! My hedgehog had got killed and my unicorns and one of my elves and one skeleton!  All because of the hedgehog and snakes!



15mm Nubians – the basing

When they are all lined up I suddenly have a crisis that there isn’t enough of them!


But after a bit of gluing and sticking, there is exactly the right number of figures. No surplus or deficit. That is a bit freaky… I can’t recall that happening before in my world of fluffy counting


perhaps this is an omen ! just the generals & camp to do now

15mm Nubian … random thoughts

Sometimes I wonder how I got the figures for this army. I was going through the lead I found another Nubian of different make, then it all became clear. I bought this way back when DBM book 1 was being revised and the archers moved from Bw(I) to Bw(O) ..


I bought these figures , found I didn’t like them and immediately bought another army from Black Hat (when it was Gladiator). I painted that army in a weekend too! However, I never actually played with it and sold it before the revised lists came out!! Some things don’t change 🙂

15mm Nubians – day 2

So, a quick early morning session cracks off about 100 of these…


For all of my biblical armies I like a high gloss finish. To be honest , I’d do it for all armies – I like the tactile feel. But can’t handle the peer pressure!

For biblical armies I’m always reminders of those ancient toy soldiers with their simplistic style.nub5 Although they don’t seem very glossy in this picture. Maybe my mind just adds it on with ‘rose tinted spectacles’.

I’ve quickly knocked up a list. With the change to the army break point values in v2, it hurts the Nubians , as the only thing they’ve got is being a horde! At 800pts there is a 16 BG break point. So there is not much point in having more than 16. So with that in mind, picking the 8 BG of swordsmen – the only superior troops allowed and the rest are archers – either MF or LF. In the first draft I’ve picked 5 (8’s) of MF and 9 (6’s) of LF. The MF are rubbish being uprotected and with no melee capabilty. But my reckoning unless you have something as ‘bait’ then everyone will ‘shut up shop’ against 14 LF BGs – which is a bit boring. As it stands they can lose all MF archers and swordsmen and the army will not have broken.


15mm New Project – Nubians

I have a club game arranged in a couple of weeks. Its just a FoG:AM pick up game, with a Biblical theme. I have plenty of armies suitable for this, but I find myself searching through the lead mountain to see what I can rustle up. After a quick search I find several packs of Lancashire games Nubians that have been languishing far too long at the back of the cupboard. Not great figures, but a great subject for a fast project. The army is primarily archers with a few fanatical fighter (who aren’t that great anyway)…


So, 2 weeks…  armed with a can of army painter leather brown and wood varnish I’ll see what comes out.

So figures prepped , lighlty deflashed. The casting are rough and not really deserving of a major cleanup. Glued to lolly stocks and primed with the AP brown

Once that is down, paint on the wook vanish , and let it dry completely.


Then its a case of picking out the detail … so thats about it. A small sample done.


Whether this can manifest itself into a complete army is another matter!