Mapuche Gallery

So Warfare came and went, unfortunately I missed out , as at the last moment my Mum was taken seriously ill. But here is the the final gallery. They were all finished in time. The overall time spent was about 10 sessions, so about 20-30 hours. I was reasonably pleased. It was hard not to revisit areas and touch up areas that didn’t fit my exacting standards 🙂 the whole dip principle worked well and I would recommend if you need a speedy result.

I played the first game with it, and scored a win (beating Ottoman Turks)… so pretty good

And here is the list that makes up the army

Warfare – 5 days to go

MMmm … a half term break in York for the week and things look a little tight now. All the figures have had a block paint, but now to basing and a general tidy up. First up is the general. I used to do these last, but now I do them first as the jazziest element, rather the lacklustre finale!  Seems to work better that way.

I have tried to keep that pampas grass , burnt out look. Hopefully complimenting the natural tones of the paintjob.

Its not a top drawer job, but workman like, which was always the brief. After all Its meant to only be a 2 week project.