New Army for Britcon

Well… I chickened out! I really couldn’t find any figures I was happy with and when it came to researching the army there was a paucity of information regarding the troops. Also Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie (my original choice) had somewhat of a less than savoury occupation in West Africa. So, that was it ! back to the drawing board

With about a month to go I can’t pick anything too fancy, so looking through my lead pile for options I had a load of European foot for the league of Ausburg. SO, not french – been there – just sticks in the craw, and it is the proverbial glass happy. Williamite .. maybe … in the end I settled for the Army of the Blue King (Emmanuel Max of Bavaria). I have the uniformology book. Fitted the bill. Regular looking , a pleasant blue and swish flags. Not the best army in period, but I’m not there to win.

Here is the man himself – first figure. Only another 270 to go.

I suppose the Girraffes will just have to go back in the box for another project !



Games Expo – game 2

Game 2 – Santa Hernandad Nueva – Lawrence

After our bloodying in the morning it seems likely that we world get an easier draw in the afternoon. We drew Santa Hernandad Nuev.a I’ve played against this several time and is tricky as the list has lots of options. It can be Knight Heavy , or Foot heavy. Has that cool ‘protected’ LH (not that that worried me). The Terrain was largely inconsequential an enclosed field left of my centre (something for me to anchor on) and some open fields on the right flank. I was worried about being enveloped again and deployed neutrally again with both flanks refused. The Town and County on the right flank. The Retinue on the left. The center was clogged with the Billmen and Spearmen.

Gordon’s army was foot heavy. It consisted of something like this

8 armoured AVG off spear
8 armoured AVG off spear
8 armoured AVG def spear
4 HA SUP Knights
4 LH AVG prot JLS types
4 LH AVG prot JLS types
6 Crossbowmen
8 Swiss pikemen

There might have been some LF too – but nothing to worry about.

It seemed that the Swiss were to be the ‘hammer, flanked by KN and then the Armoured Spear – a reasonable plan. I was more relieved that it would be a straight up fight with no tricksy manoeuvring. From the right the matchups looked like, My HA Billmen VS Armoured SP. Town and County Spear Vs Swiss (MMMm). More Town and Couny Spear VS KN, and then my Superior Billmen facing off some more Armoured SP. The Defensive spear was sat opposite the closed field with was stuffed full of Longbowmen, so that looked like stalemate. So across the centre things pretty level. The Swiss would be tough and was trying to get my HA billmen in front, at least be level POA. However, that didn’t seem likely

The fights
H/Arm’d Billmen Vs Arm Off Spear (Level in the Impact , then +POA for Better Armour) Both AVG
Prot Def Spear Vs Swiss (+POA to the Swiss in impact and melee, and they are superior)
Prot Def Spear Vs H/Arm’d KN (+POA to the Spear in impact, then level in the melee. I would be OK if I could stay steady)
Arm’d Bills Vs Arm Off Spear (Level in the Impact & Melee ), but the English are superior.

Things actually went pretty well. The Poor Town and County Bowmen were facing fresh air so they advanced in a great inward swinging manner. If they could start raining down arrows on that flank that would require an reaction. They may be poor but 16 shooting bases where armour doesn’t count will hurt anyone.

In the centre the clash went my way, from the right –

The H/Arm’d Billmen started to get the upper hand. – just through better dice.
The Spearmen facing the Swiss were resolute.
The Charging KN were bounced by the steady spear. Better still they lost a base.
On the left the Superior Billmen started getting the upper hand quite quickly.

As the door was swinging on the the right flank the Spanish were trying to kick the door in in the centre.

On the left flank the defensive spear wandered a little too close and started being peppered by longbows from the field. As the spears were in 8’s and we were only getting 3 shots at long range all shots needed to force a test – unlikely!

Left of centre the superior Bills broken their opponent who routed passed the crossbowmen who were providing them with rear support. The good news was that the pursuing billmen were eager and crashed into the crossbowmen – it would get ugly for those guys.

The Spanish KNs were being whittled down and eventually broke.

The Swiss were pushing on. The spears they were fighting were valiant but gradually were losing that fight.

Next along the H/Arm’d Bills were making hard work of defeating the spearmen. It looked like it would come down to casualties. Eventually they broke, at the same time as the Swiss broke the spear. The centre of the battlefield became freeform.
On the far left the defensive spear were slowly being surrounded by more longbowmen. 3 shots became 5, then 6…. it would soon start to tell.

However, at this moment time was called. The English had won but not enough to break the opponents army. That extra 5 points would hurt my overall score.