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A few pics of the day …

the queue doesn’t get any smaller, despite me trying to time it to arrive a bit later!


the entrance is right at the end somewhere !

A few salient shots of 3-ups in plastic.

Warlord Russians

Warlord Persians

Warlord Parthians

Warlord Romans

Perry British

Perry Africa Korp

Victrix Greeks

Vitrix Romans

Nice game!

Lurkio in Desperta Ferro!

Been very busy with Lurkio projects of late – hence the lack of posts. Just finished our first full page interview with Deperta Ferro, which you can see here!

54-55 miniaturas11

Its all in Spanish – so for those wishing to read the blurb, here is the original

Lurkio is a tiny company, started in late 2010. Really, as a result of wanting figures that I would like to game with myself.  The scale of 15mm probably has had it halcyon days in the late 80’s and early 90’s. From a range development point of view, a few major companies have now covered most periods. But, those ranges are all looking long in the tooth now and need a bit of refreshing based on a more modern understanding on the archaeology we now have.  This is how Lurkio was born.

When we started we wanted to provide the highest quality figures for the 15mm gamer, who is often the poor relative to 25/28mm. These larger scales have seen re-energising releases of high quality figures in both metal and plastic, in the past 5 years. We hope to give 15mm a similar boost. Having been a wargames competition player for 20 years, 15mm still has the strongest following. I feel that those gamers should have access to higher quality figures too.

We recruited only the best sculptors and casters, which come at a cost! But, I like to think the results are worthwhile.  Our current ranges are sculpted by Michael Lovejoy (, who has done work for Xyston, Khurusan and Immortal Miniatures. We have recently brought on board Martin Baker, who is just starting on the new range for the Americas.

All of our casting is done by Griffin moulds, which are one of the UK top casters. They cast for Gripping Beast amongst others (

For our e-commerce platform I wanted to move away from the traditional 15mm selling method and offer products that fit the games we play. So, for instance, all armies have packages designed for Field of Glory. You can design your army and come to the web store and order the whole thing in a dozen ‘clicks’. The figures are sold will all the bases and any ‘extras’ that you will require.  When you buy a Battle Group bag it is all you need.  It all should be an easy as possible.

Wherever possible we made sure that the figures are compatible with existing shield transfer products.  All of the Byzantine foot and Germanics have LBMS transfers that fit.

2012 has a quite a few new ranges planned for us. Starting by expanding and adding to the 5-7th C ranges we currently offer. There will be Moors (from just before the Islamic period) and Post Roman Britain (the Age of Arthur) planned, also additions to the Byzantine and Persian ranges. We are also beginning a new adventure into Meso America– starting with Incas, which should be out this summer!

Currently our ranges are Sassanid Persians, Early Byzantines, Western Huns and Migration Period Germanic tribes.

We also offer a range of terrain pieces designed with playing Field of Glory in mind. There are fields, plantations and vineyards.  We also have a Roman Villa and Zoroastrian Temple.

So far setting up and running Lurkio has been fun. My ambition is not to be the biggest company in the industry, but hopefully a quality one.  I’m always open to suggestions (as many elements of the ranges we do have been), and hopefully Lurkio can mature and provide a valuable asset to the wargaming community.