1/350 Battle of Britain

I happened just by chance on a link over from TMP, to this source of planes. What attracted me was the fact that they are all in plastic…. and the cost was really low!


After a short email exchange with Ian he send me through a few sample and I’ve just knocked a couple up to see how they look painted

On first look they are a little flat, no panel lining etc. But thats no bad thing, some metal models can be a little over the top.

The ME 109  was my favourite. Seemed to capture the silouette just right





The Spitfire was OK. Just something nagging I can’t put my <perfectionist> finger on. Top down it looks great though.



For a size comparison – here with some 1/44 and 1/600 (all my 1/300 are long gone)

Unfortuanatley I couldn’t find any of my finished 1/600 (who knows where they have dissappered too!)  – joys of being so small 😉 All I could find was this ‘glossy’ B17!


1/350 is a unusual scale in wargaming circles. I would worry about decals etc. I used a couple of old trafalgar 1/300 ones – which are showing their age. I ‘d like to see how the ‘scale specialities’ sheets fit. The casting are nice… great being plastic (a big + IMHO).

If you went down this route you’d have to be all or nothing for this manufacturer. The BoB range is reasonably comprehensive, the Defense of the Reich ( my preferred theatre ) has a few gaps … all the ‘funnies’ … which envariably are my favourite.

But that aside the main postivite is the price!  For £20-£30 you are getting 80-100 planes, which really is a massive bonus, a fraction of the price of metal.

All in all I think they are a great product. If you want to pick up a new game – all in one – cheap, you can’t go wrong with these!

I don’t think Ian has a website (lest not one I can find) and seems to sell all through ebay (which is not a plus if you don’t like ‘the man’)