Fire effects



Sometimes something that should be reasonably quick isn’t. A quick fire effect with the airbrush … Mmm somehow just didn’t come together. I guess I should take more care , but I don’t really like to spend an hour on a single piece. Oh well…

28mm quandary



After painting so much 15mm its hard going back to 28mm fantasy . The new high elves are just tops, but so much work. I don’t really want commit too much time to them. So a flat white base with washes us my preferred route. Still take an eon . The new army painter ink washes are great though. So there is life after Devlan mud.

Salute over for another year!

A few pics of the day …

the queue doesn’t get any smaller, despite me trying to time it to arrive a bit later!


the entrance is right at the end somewhere !

A few salient shots of 3-ups in plastic.

Warlord Russians

Warlord Persians

Warlord Parthians

Warlord Romans

Perry British

Perry Africa Korp

Victrix Greeks

Vitrix Romans

Nice game!