Lurkio DBA v3 Armies added to the website

I’ve added the following DBA v3 packs to the website

CHA03- DBA v3 Chimu Imperial Army 1350-1480AD
CHA04- DBA v3 Coastal Peruvian Army 1350-1490AD
EBA03 – DBA v3 Early Byzantine Army 493-544AD
EBA04 – DBA v3 Early Byzantine Army 545-578AD
HUA03 – DBA v3 Attila’s army 433-453AD
HUA04 – DBA v3 Other Hunnic Armies 374-558AD
INA03 – DBA v3 Inca Imperial Army 1438-1534AD
LMA01 – DBA v3 Later Moorish 25-696AD
MPA02- DBA v3 Other Mapuche 1461-1552AD
MPA03- DBA v3 Araucanians 1461-1552AD
SPA03 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 220-224AD
SPA04 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 225-493AD
SPA05 – DBA v3 Sassanid Persian 494-651AD
SRA02 – DBA v3 II/81a Sub Roman British
SRA03 – DBA v3 II/81b Sub Roman British
SRA04 – DBA v3 II/81c Sub Roman British
VGA05 – DBA v3 Italian Ostrogothic 493-561AD

please take a look if you interested

DBA v3 Armies link

Britcon Game 6 – Japanese

Game 6 – Japanese – Lynnette

So last game saw me on table 4. A good result here would probably get me somewhere near the top. Lynette hails from the same club as I, and I have fought with and against her Samurai many times. I knew cavalry weren’t a problem or artillery. So that was something to be grateful for. I just had to come up with a plan against the heavily armoured spearmen! I ran through a few scenarios, and my main plan would be get the spearmen no counting as ‘steady’ meaning giving them a case of disorder. This would allow my sword POA to count.  I’d be up in the impact and level in the melee. The Samurai are not shock so would not be able to break off from me but I would should anything go wrong. As I could shoot and the Japanese not, then the Samurai would have to charge me, giving me a turn to break off and rally should the plan got south. Sounded reasonable! So, woods again!

With the benefit of hindsight I should gone for Agricultural, the enclosed fields that would have given me would give me ‘protection’ against the spearmen (meaning they wouldn’t count the spear POA), without getting any disorder!


The terrain ended up looking familiar with bit woods on the flanks with a 1m section of clear ground in the centre. There was a lot to play for here as a good result for either of use might result in a podium finish.game6_2

There was a bit of desultory skirmishing on both flanks, but nothing to write home about. The main event would be in the centre. On either flanks I had highlanders in wood slightly in advance hoping to win there and envelop the Samurai. However, the Samurai hadn’t read this plan.

The line advanced to 6” and shooting. But shooting at armoured opponents (needing 5’s ) resulted in very little effect. It did, however, have the effect of lighting the blue touch paper. So

  • Samurai closed to 4”
  • Scots closed to 3” to get close range shooting
  • Samurai charged. I had knocked off a few bases

I was unusual having someone do to me what I had been doing to everyone else all weekend!


The lines clashed. In the impact the Scots had the upper hand (as you would expect), but none of the Samurai failed their COH tests L. Then it was grim, I did have some places where base loses had denuded the back rank of the spearmen so we’d be on level. But I had a lot where I needed 5’s game6_3

Every unit in my centre had a general in tow, or was superior. The Samurai were mostly superior also. (with some elites thrown in !) game6_5

The way the lines fell meant we had 1 massive scrum , where most units were fighting multiple units. We only had a couple of 1 on 1s

On the flanks things weren’t going too well either. In one wood fighting against average bowmen (against whom I was +POA) and average spearmen (against whom I was level). I kept losing bases, for no effect. On the opposite flanks 2 spearmen BGs against 2 highlander BGs. I fragmented 1 spear unit, but after doing so could not inflict another on it for the remainder of the game. They stayed for so long Japanese cavalry marched thought the wood (yes that’s right at 1” a turn), and charged my flank to rout me … the spearmen still being fragmented! game6_6

In the end my troops started to disrupt and then break off. But even with a great commander would not rally. I had broken a couple of units but my casualties were mounting.

In the end time was called and I was 2 points off breaking. I had inflicted 6~ but on a far larger army , so it ended up as a 4-16 or therebouts. Another turn would have secured Lynette the win though (with a +5) which would have pushed her top four.

Overall a great competition. I enjoyed the Jacobites. Certainly they have frailties, and I never came across a big cavalry army. Also winning the PBI roll off helped immensely being able to pick big bits of terrain and avoid ‘tricksy’ open spaces. In the final rankings I came 8th , which I think isn’t too bad with a weak army