Rainy Sunday = HOTT

Well, with the rain and wind keeping everyone indoors, and a Sunday what better than a bit of HOTT …  Meerkats vs Woodland Folk

So without further ado, I’ll let Georgie tell you the story.

georgieANDloganWell,we were pretty bored so we played HOTT as Logan, my brother, suggested because I had just painted an army up. With Meercats vs Mythical Creatures or as my dad calls them Woodland Folk this idea was carried on.

So we tidied the table and carried our armies in from the shed. We put some felt table-cloths down and Dad found some terrain. We chose our army pieces,I had my hedgehog and elves and skeletons and wizards and pegesuses and my unicorns. My brother had Meercat archers, swordmans, spears annd two massive cobras!

 So far so good because Ihott1 had managed to sneak my wizards near my brother archerhott2s and keep my skeletons and elves in their lines. My leader was safe at the back along with my unicorns and hedgehog.I shot a spell at him and he fired his arrows at me. Luckily he missed. hott3





Here I was,  measuring my distance for my elves who moved two inches. My skeletons had gone in the marsh and I hadn’t moved my unicorns and leader and hedgehog at the back. I was scared to use my wizards because I had already scored a one. Great start! 

Logan decided to keep his leader where he was and move his Meercats all in a row except his archers who were hiding in the village which my wizards had found and shot at but moved back so they couldn’t shoot at me but I could shoot at them.

hott4  hott6 hott7 hott8Moving forward but Logan’s cheif snake following the fight with the other snakes going round the back towards my leader.I think I should move a foot to the other side.



Deep in battle are the elves and meercats. Snakes still following behind towards my leader and the battle still in place but with a clear victory! ME!















In the crisis as the hedgehog is coming to help but ends up in trouble. You’ll see, anyway the unicorns and skeleton bases were having a fight with the meercats.

SNAKES VS HEDGEHOG !!! Maybe if the hedgehog knew where to be in position then unicorns and skeletons wouldn’t be trapped. In the end, Logan was the closest to winning! My hedgehog had got killed and my unicorns and one of my elves and one skeleton!  All because of the hedgehog and snakes!