Kudos to Ancient and Modern Army Supplies (Donnington miniatures)

I’ve been roped into playing as the competition at Daventry (Campaign 2014) next week. Its teams of three, 5 games over 2 days. 6 teams so its round robin event. The periods are –

Period 1: The Fight for Dutch Independence(1568-1633) : – Early Imperial Spanish; Elizabethan English; Early Eighty Years war Dutch; Later Eighty Years War Dutch; Later Imperial Spanish (Army of Flanders); French Huguenot; French Catholic.

Period 2: Trouble in the East 1577- 1589 – Early Ottoman Turks; Wallachian, Moldavian and Transylvanian; Early Russian; Vasa Swedish; Cossack; Later Imperial Austrian; Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; Early Venetian Colonial.

Period 3: Armies of Asia, Africa and America, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn 1500 – 1644: – Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian, Indonesian or Malaccan; Thai, Burmese and Khmer; Vietnamese; Horn of Africa; Hawaiian; Mughal; Aztec; Tlaxcalan, Huaxtec or Otomi; Tarascan; Zapotec or Mixtec; Chinatec; Mayan; Inca; Mapuche or Araucanian; Tupi; Amazonian Forest Tribes; Chichimec; Western Sudanese; Central African; Central Sudanese; West African Forest; Mossi. (European Allies allowed – no more than 4 BG’s)

The group I’ve been put into is period 1 , So I thought I’d give my Spanish a run out.


As its an early period the foot is later tercio which I’ve never been particularly enamoured with. So I’ thought I’d play a mounted heavy version. This required some extra figures for a German ally. With 7 days before the event , I contacted Damian at A&M about a rush order for the extra figures. With no complaint the figures were dispatched that same day, and arrived the next day. So kudos to Damian for a great service.

Painted the next day, here they are –

I love these Bandolier Reiter, useless in the game  (poor, unarmoured carbine/pistol). But really charismatic. Its like they know what is in store for them 😉

horse1 dragoon1



Catholic Spanish

At the Worlds (Derby), which brings up the list to 800pts, I’ve chosen a slightly later list where the Spanish Tercios are smaller, counting as tercio in name only. They are classified as a regular pike and shot regiment – so I’ll have to watch those flanks!

I’ve added a ‘foreign’ regiment of Germans , and some Croats


Day 10 aftermath

Post the weekend it’s been reasonably successful. I hadn’t anticipated to do much as weekend are usually family times, but I got a couple of hours in…

The painting phase is now nearly complete. Rather than say what I’ve done .. Here is what is left!

You know that it’s nearly done when the flags are out

Quick shot of the weekend work

Even had time to paint one of Ian Kays new winged hussars


Day 5 – Après

Things are going well on the painting front. About 1/3 of the way through in 5 days. I know it will slow down towards the end as I get bored.

Just a treat I painted a General. this will probably be Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria, commander of the Army

















The build for this army is for the competition at Oxford. Its a pairs event with each player taking 1 protestant army and 1 catholic army. I drew the short straw with the Catholics. The Protestants get all the choicest armies!!

The army I’m building will represent the Spanish at Nördlingen (1634), at least I’m picking an army where the Catholics won!

Its bases on all the ‘old tercios’ ( “Tercios Viejos”) commanded by Fuenclara, Idiáquez, and Toralto. There is some reasonable cavalryl two in the cuirassier model, and some other odds and ends. The Tercios will be the main fighting force.

The competion is on reduced size table so hoepfully there will be no getting away from the tercios. However I suspect that I will be mostly fighting Swedes all weekend – which won’t be pleasant




day1 progress

well, the good weather helps today. As I get older I like my 15mms brighter and brighter. So with only a short deadline a bold strategy is called for. So, armed with  glue stick and tongue depressors I took the task in hand.

Did I say I hated painting horses?






Once all the infantry was prepped out came the spray can! shield your eyes



now , came the toning down, as I wanted it to be a rich yellow (with ubiquitous marroon/red). I used my special soup – and worked well. Always a nerve wrakcing moment

Once the infantry was drying I turned my attention to the horseflesh

A army painter spray and now a dark brown soup mix, it drying now… ready for day 2!

Not bad paint on 90% of the figures in the first day!