No prisoners! No prisoners!

Well, given that I couldn’t find anything off the shelf, I guess I have to make my own higher command group

Bedouin ways were hard even for those brought up to them, and for strangers, terrible: a death in life.

8 thoughts on “No prisoners! No prisoners!

      • If you’ve got a roof to pay for, I’ve got some Roman Velites that need painting. Not enough to buy more than a couple of tiles, I’m afraid, but every little helps.

        I just wish I was well off enough to buy a whole army. Or two.

      • Yep I’ll buy it. I need to order loads of Sassanids from you as well in order for me to consolidate my position at the bottom of the competition circuit! You could always go back to painting for me??? Those Renaissance Spanish and Turks are still looking good after twenty years!

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