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Here I am, 42 years old and still not blogging. So, just to avoid completely falling off the technology radar here is it!

It’s my aim to journal a year in the life of my hobby, that being wargaming, and my wargaming business Lurkio. So, hopefully along side seeing new products for Lurkio you will get a glimpse of what I do as my hobby.

As a bit about me. I’m married to the lovely Mary. I have 2 kids. Georgie 8 and Logan 6. I work as a software consultant for a telecommunications company – but lets not dwell on that, I’m a good guy really!

many thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy it.





8 thoughts on “About me

    • Well…. Badcon is next. Its either Renaissance (with the date restriction as per Godendag), or Ancients (pre 200BC). As its my club event I’ll be somewhat governed by the need to fill in odd numbers wherever needed . I feel obliged to use the Ikko Ikki again, as I enjoyed it and they are due a bit more fortune.

      I’ve got a little event to attend this weekend, so there will be some dark age action soon

  1. Hi

    Are you based near Lichfield. I live in Draycott in the Clay. Looking to get into wargaming, possibly historical based RPG. I’m interested in Dark Ages.

    What goes around this part of the world. Also work tor a telco so don’t get much time, but would like to meet others in the area



  2. Hi Simon

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Can you post on your gaming group to see if there is any interest for the one day FOGAM and FOGR competition at the Stoke Challenge on Sunday July 15th.



  3. I love your figure painting, but even more-so your basing style. If you had time I’d be very interested in reading a ‘how to’ on this blog.

    If you don’t have time, I’ll just try to copy it a bit 🙂

  4. Hi Simon
    How you doing mate? Don’t think I have seen you since our Ade’s wedding.
    Love the blog (although I have only just found it and started to flick through). Your painting just gets better and better and I love the Lurkio range of figures.

    I am back to wargaming after a very long break and play DBMM here in Bangkok, along with Bolt Action, Saga and X-Wing.

    I am going to raise a 15mm Spring and Autumn Chinese army again and saw your Zhao in the gallery. What figures are those?



  5. I bought some second hand painted French and Austrian Napoleonic AB figures some years ago that were attributed to you. Do you have an e-mail I can send some photos and get a quote for some more if they are indeed by your fair hand?

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