BADCON Results

Another successfully year with close to 50 teams competing. The results are as follows

ADLG results
FoG:A results
DBMM results
FoG:R results
Mortem et Gloriam results

Best Army Jason Scott – Aztecs

Best baggage – Peter Kershaw  French Ordonnance

Squarebashing 2019

Squarebashing 2019 is to be held on Saturday 15th June 2019,
at Battlefieldhobbies in Daventry.

The theme will be
1914: Coming of World War

Any army can be used, dated up to and including 1914, from any theatre.
Rather than dividing into two sides this year I thought it would do something a little different. All players will be in a single pool and the draw will be organised on other ’social’ factors such as army match-up, or ‘different opponents’. So everyone gets to play someone they don’t normally. Scoring will be simplified and will only account for a percentage of the total score. The other components will be a best army ballot and most sporting player. The details are yet to be finalised.

I’d like to to make this year more inclusive by trying to bring in more players where possible so even if its for a single game or tutorial game.
Buffet will be provided and all tickets are available from the Battlefield hobby site

Tickets: £12.50 including lunch

Date: Saturday 15th June 2019

Battlefield Hobbies
17 Brunel Close
NN11 8BR

Event Schedule
09.00-09.25 – Players arrive, welcome.
09:30-12.30 – Games One.
12.30-13:30 – Buffet lunch supplied.
13.30-16.30 – Game Two


Meadowside Leisure Centre, High Street,
Burton upon Trent, DE14 1TL

23rd & 24th February 2019

You are invited to come and join in our 24th annual competition weekend and play one of the following

DBMM Doubles

500 points any book 1071—1525AD. £35.00 per team.

FOG Ancients Doubles

900 points. Version 3 rules, new army lists book 1. £35.00 per team.

FOG Renaissance Doubles

900 points any book 1494—1569AD. £35.00 per team.

  1. Amended rules and points as per the Slitherine forum.
  2. Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, follow immediately by any medium artillery used.
  3. No musket or musket* armed troops allowed

Art De La Guerre Doubles

300 points any book 1251—1500AD. £35.00 per team.

Mortem Et Gloriam Doubles

12000 points, The Punic Wars 264—146BC. £35.00 per team.

Armies allowed;

  • Siciliot Greek
  • Sardinian
  • Syracusan
  • Later Campanian
  • Apulian
  • Bruttian
  • Lucanian
  • Later Carthaginian
  • Mid Republican Roman
  • Highland Gallic
  • Lowland Gallic
  • Iberian
  • Celtiberian
  • Lusitanian
  • Illyrian
  • Numidian or Moorish

Entries and lists for all competitions to

Online tickets available here – BADcon tickets

Online entry has a £3.32 surcharge that will be added at the point of sale

Registration on the day from 8.30am

Games on both days are

  • 9.30am—1.00pm
  • 2.00pm—5.30pm

The size of the venue means we can accommodate 64 teams, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Merchandise now available here –


Lurkio News!


Two Simons have teamed up: TheWargamesZone (TWZ) to take Lurkio Figurines forward

Simon Clarke is delighted to announce that his range of figures is to be taken over and developed by rule writer Simon Hall under his TheWargamesZone umbrella.

Simon Clarke comments, “after putting a lot of work into the figure ranges, I am delighted that a friend is picking them up. The figures make a fine complement to Simon’s excellent Mortem et Gloriam rules, and as a core member of the MeG team I can stay involved from the wings. Some of the range is a great fit for his forthcoming Renaissance rules as well”

Simon Hall adds, “I love the range, and earlier this year bought a painted version of the Sassanid range, using it at Britcon2018 – where it was much admired (see below). I was about to order a Hunnic army when I was approached to buy the business instead. It’s very exciting to have our own figure range and we have two new ranges to launch for Xmas – 15mm Chinese Three Kingdoms, and 28mm Moguls including a fantastic armoured elephant. It is great to keep Lurkio “in the family” and to be able to keep Simon C close to the range as it evolves.”

The website will re-open on Friday October 19th, with a NEW START SPECIAL OFFER – watch the FB page, magazines, forums and blogs for more news.

Lurkio Announcement


After our extended break over the summer, it is with heavy heart, that I am announcing the closure of Lurkio. The reasons for this are manyfold, but primarily a change in personal circumstances means will I not not have the time to devote to running the store and provide the service that is expected. My commitments are now to look after my family, and Lurkio is unfortunately just too much effort for me to continue with.

Lurkio has been running for just over 10 years now. Starting with the Sassanid Persians to over a dozen ranges now – including some that never saw the light of day 🙁 Over those 10 years I have met a lot of new friends, and I thank you all for your support over this time. I hope that the ranges we have brought to light do not fade away, and I am looking to find someone to take over the ownership of Lurkio. I will leave the store running in browse mode while i try to find a buyer, or at least liquidate the stock.
If you , or know anyone, that might be interested in purchasing Lurkio , then please do drop me a line at

Until then many thanks for all of your support over the years and good luck to you all.


Squarebashing Boxer Rebellion

For a first run out, the Boxers were put to the sword. Despite best endeavours to attack, the Imperials took to the field and swept away all in front of them. In game terms the boxers have little going for them. The majority of troops are reservists , with not much in the way of assets to mitigate the quality. The game events rolled were poor.

The Western powers advanced in strong pockets of force which were irresiable to the reservists Chinese. Definite victory the the Colonial powers !

15mm Early War French *Sold*

These Veteran troops are looking for a new home. This a full Squarebashing army with 14 battalions of infantry , 6 Artillery , 6 Machine Guns, 1 cavalry and higher command and half bases.  The castings are Irregular miniatures. They are painted in quite old school way, with a gloss coat. You may choose to matt them down , but I think they look rather jolly as is.


Spring Clean – Mat clear out

I’m having a bit of de-clutter I have the following ‘mouse pad’/neophrene mats for sale. Really i don’t want to be posting these , so any locals out there with a need?

The original FAT mat .. 6×4 with bag – £35  Now Sold

Urban mat 6x 4 with bag – £35
Now Sold

Game mat EU Snow/Warmachine / Frostgrave 4×4 – £25